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Welcome to Aineko

Aineko simplifies the developer experience, and helps team create fast and reliable intelligent applications by abstracting away the complexities of deployment.

What is Aineko?

Aineko is a python framework for building powerful data applications quickly. You can use it to simplify development in many ways, including build your back-end and data stacks, process streaming data, or manage generative AI feedback loops.

  • Code Faster

    Use pre-built nodes that work with popular data sources like REST APIs
  • Always Robust

    Production-ready from the get-go. Scale with ease.
  • Stateful Computation

    Aineko supports long-running stateful computations.
  • Composable

    Scale your project easily with engineering best practices.
  • Fast

    Achieve microsecond latency between nodes.*
  • Scalable

    Process billions or records per day with ease.*

* As measured from an internal use case. Performance may vary depending on exact use case.

How to Get Started?

As an open source framework, you can install and build pipelines on your local machines. You can explore how easy it is to go from idea to pipeline, see its scale and modularity, and see how fast it processes real-time data.

To unlock the true power of the framework, try Aineko Cloud. Aineko Cloud simplifies your tooling by bundling tedious infrastructure, helping you scale, automate deployment, and collaborate as a team.

Aineko Products

  • Open Source Framework

    Prototype locally, and discover:

    • Rapid development cycles
    • Scale and modularity
    • Real-time data processing

    Quickstart Guide

  • Aineko Cloud

    Upgrade to unlock the full power of Aineko:

    • Run your pipelines in the cloud
    • Share projects & collaborate
    • Automate infrastructure deployments

    Demo Cloud

Developer Guide


Supercharge your development by using pre-built nodes directly in your pipeline. Aineko Plugins contains nodes that are production-ready out of the box. Visit the Aineko Plugins page to see the full list of available plugins.

API Documentation

Examples & Templates

Common use cases

  • Self-checking AI Agents

    Create an AI agent that accepts user prompts, iterates on an answer, and outputs it after all specified checks pass.

    Aineko Dream

Join the Community

Have questions or "ah-ha" moments? Building something cool with Aineko? Go ahead and share it with the Aineko community.

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